Course Overview

This course provides you with a basic understanding of Workplace Health and Safety within a Health and Social Service environment. You will gain an understanding on how to apply Workplace Health and Safety principles in your own workplace. This course is ideal for anyone looking to keep up to date with important Workplace Health and Safety principles.

This course has been designed to provide you with industry knowledge and keeping abreast of changes in the healthcare sector.

Course Details

This Course Has the Following Key Elements to Complete

  • A range of multimedia content to engage with
  • Reflective activities to complete
  • A reading and further reference page

  • What is WHS
  • Employees and their roles
  • Settings and environmental infrastructure
  • Employers and the organisation
  • The users

  • World class Learner Management Platform – The CnG Hub
  • Industry standard training and assessment materials

Study Method

Online delivery

Time To Complete

5 hrs

Certificate on Completion


Online Theory

Access on Mobile

Recommended Skill Set